How to join our League...

The following is brief summary on how to join the Great Valley Corporate Center Softball League (GVCCSL).

We encourage interested teams and players to check our website at for a better understanding of the GVCCSL background, functions, policies, history, etc. The web site is the primary means of communication with our coaches, players and fans. During the season, the website contains updated information regarding: rules, schedules, standings, statistics, rosters, team directories, general announcements; and also, includes specialized views for "Lost & Found", "Umpire Feedback" and "Help Wanted", which identifies players looking to join teams.

For new teams interested in joining the GVCCSL, the following information must be e-mailed to both ---

                   Chris Johnston (GVCCSL Commissioner)
                   Rick Casey (GVCCSL Treasurer)        

     ●  Team / Organization’s name
     ●  Address of the firm/organization, which your team is representing
         (indicate if the address is within or outside of Great Valley Corporate Center)
     ●  Primary contact name, e-mail address & phone number
     ●  Alternate contact name e-mail address & phone number

In addition to teams looking to enter the GVCCSL, we also respond to inquiries from individuals or small groups looking to join a team, which is already in the league. If you fall into this category please e-mail us the following information -- phone number and/or e-mail address, field position(s) you prefer to play, if you have any limits on your availability during the season, etc... The information will be posted on our website (beginning in late March), under "Help Wanted". For best results, information from individuals and small groups should be submitted in advance of the league’s meeting in late March or early April.

The league holds an annual meeting for all team representatives, prior to the start of the season. All new and returning teams are required to send a representative to the meeting. The meeting is normally held in late March or early April (12:00pm Noon) in the Malvern area, and normally runs for 90 minutes. All team representatives will be notified well in advance, as to the date, time, location and the amount of the league fees due.

At the start of the meeting, teams/organizations from within the Great Valley Corporate Center (GVCC) will be accepted for open positions, followed by those from outside the GVCC. The league maintains two waiting lists, one for those teams/organizations located within the GVCC, and another for those located outside the GVCC. Since the league is an amenity of the GVCC, all applicants from within the corporate center will be granted priority over applicants outside of the GVCC. The order for entering the league will be based on the location of the organization and when the email containing the team/organization information was received by the League Officers (Chris Johnston and Rick Casey).

Aside from determining the new and returning teams for the upcoming season, the following topics are reviewed at the league meeting --- identify the season schedule; verify team/representative information; review league rules; discuss rule changes; handout scorebooks and softballs; collect waiver forms and discuss any outstanding issues or questions. At the meeting, all teams are required to pay their (one time) league fees.

We thank you for your interest in the Great Valley Corporate Center Softball League.


Great Valley Corporate Center Softball League   
 Malvern, PA 19355